Jess and Crowley, what's your story?

We met over 15 years ago on Dead tour!

To give a little insight into us, this quote is from our favorite book “The Secret Language Of Relationships”:

    Workaholic tendencies seem inevitable in the Week of System Builders (Crowley)–Week of the Enigma (Jessica) professional relationship, but hard work is not the only norm here: these two usually get involved in projects they find interesting and absorbing in the extreme. Their relationship elevates their work to a position of primary importance, and their concentration on it is total.

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Back to the story...

A long time ago in a parking lot far far away...

VA Beach 2003 The Dead parking lot, to be exact. Crowley with a 100 lbs of minerals and crystals, Jess with a few sewn bags and crocheted hats, teamed up!

Along the adventures of touring with the Dead and doing festivals we would hunt for fabric. Stopping in random towns and finding all sorts of cool fabrics to work with!

In 2010 we moved the workshop from Reno to the woods outside Lexington/Columbia SC. Grateful for some space and meeting a friend who is a sewing machine mechanic!! He would tease us about our Granny machines. Then he introduced us to The Highlead walking foot industrial Sewing Machine!! Then an industrial serger!! Finally an old Mitsubishi free arm! Tools make a world of difference! My Kenmore "granny" machine is still with us. Securing our tag, button holes, final steps of hats and other odd jobs it glides through!! Built to last!

 Since then we have hibernated and created.  When spring hit we would set up the shop at festivals, fairs, farmer's Markets and of course the shakedown st of Dead, Phish and Widespread Panic parking lots!

Now with the Corona changing our world we again change with it. We focused on making masks, caps and gowns for health care workers and those in need at first. Donating over 100 masks several caps and a gowns!

Thanks for reading our story have a Grateful Day!

Crowley and Jess at LockN Festival in matching grateful dead bolt wing shirts

Matching for LockN

About Us

crowley wearing his reversible hat. sitting down taking a break from work with yoda mac dog


Crowley does the screenprinting of our t-shirts. He tie dyes, cuts out a good majority of our items. Crowley cab drives us to all the shows and events!  

jess sitting at her sewing machine with a bunch of floppy hats


Jessica makes the patterns for our products and does all of the sewing. 

Yoda Mac dog rocking his reversible hat and handing out buisness cards.  working hard hardly working

Yoda Mac

Yoda Mac hitched a ride with us in 2011, thumb out and all!  He loves rides in the van and meeting all the ladies!!